China’s goji berry becomes new healthy ingredient in Western dishes

On the heels of spicy gluten “Wei Long La Tiao” and “Lao Gan Ma” oil chili sauce, another Chinese specialty product is winning global recognition for its medicinal properties.

Goji Berries, or Lycium Barbarum, have long-been nutritional supplements for middle-aged and elderly people in China.

But now, the dried berries are starting to catch on in other places, including the United States, the UK, Canada and Australia for their ability to increase people’s energy, enhance immune systems and help prevent health problems.

But unlike the tradition in China of adding the Goji berries to teas and soups, the Goji berry is now being added to a variety of dishes in other countries.

Goji berries are being consumed as dried fruit, as well as additions to Acai Bowls, yoghurt, as well as juice.

Goji berries are also being used as spice for fried rice dishes, and are also being ground up to be used as part of bakery flour.

A #Gojiberries hashtag is also inspiring new attempts at consuming the fruit, with health food enthusiasts adding them to hempseed salads, avocado sandwiches and broccoli smoothies.

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